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Camp Store

AVAILABLE ITEMS: Our camp store sells a variety of small convenience items as well as snacks and our traditional clothing line. Some of these include:

Snacks: Granola Bars, Juice Boxes, & Fruit Roll-ups
Knick Knacks: Bandanas, bracelets, hackey sacks, sunglasses, airplanes, etc
Writing Supplies: Envelopes, stamps, postcards, pens, etc.
Shankitunk Clothing: T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

Camp store money can also be used for cabin photos on Friday at pick-up.


  • Sunday Registration for Overnight Campers.
  • Daily during Recreation periods A & B for camper purchases.
  • Thursday evening at Day Camp pick-up.
  • Friday Pick-Up following the Closing Ceremony at 5:00.

ACCOUNTS: During registration parents may deposit up to $20.00 on an account for their camper to use during the week.

NON REFUNDABLDE: Camp store account money is non-refundable.

Since these accounts are non refundable, any remaining funds can be spent on Friday by the parents during pick-up, transferred to a second week, or donated to camp.