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How can my camper become a counselor?

Easy! When your camper turns 14, he or she can sign up for CIT I class. CIT I will teach campers cooperation and team building. When he or she comes back the next year, CIT II is available. CIT II is a more hands-on class that shows what it's like to be a counselor. It is a double class period class. During these two years, the CITs are watched very closely by the staff to see what kind of role model they are, how they interact with other campers, and how we think they would fare as a counselor. If the staff thinks they would do well as counselors, they are invited back for CIT III. CIT III is a two week, invitation only, intensive class. The first week is spent learning with the Camp Director and CIT Director. During the second week, the participant is an active counselor in a cabin and in classes. If we like what we see during the second week, the CIT may be hired the next year as a counselor. The majority of our current staff has been through this program. Want to know more? Visit our CIT Page.