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What is Lennox Forest?

The Lennox Memorial Forest is a 140 acre demonstration forest across the road from Shankitunk. It was established as instructed by the will of John and Florence Lennox. John Lennox was the camp's first director. The forest is used by several classes here at camp, including Backpacking, Wilderness, Geocaching, and Nature. Feel free to stop and read the information board posted in the pavilion at the beginning of the memorial forest.

The Lennox Memorial Forest has been a great location to host many workshops on forest management, wildlife, and water quality.  The State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY ESF) located in Syracuse, NY also use the forest to conduct forest management research and makes recommendations to our forester on needed silvacultural treatments.  Lennox is not only used by adults in the community, but it is also still used by the 4-H Camp Shankitunk for hiking and a camping location during the summer while camp is running.  The Lennox Memorial Forest has provided many different opportunities for various groups throughout NY State to learn more about forestry and nature.  Now groups will be able to learn more through the set up of the experimental blocks designed within Lennox Model Forest, an 80 acre block within Lennox Memorial Forest, to demonstrate different forest management practices.  These blocks are a great way to show and teach people how to keep their forests in good conditions.  Just one more way that Lennox Memorial Forest is used to teach.

Did you know that the Lennox Memorial Forest was part of the New York City Watershed Model Forest Program?

Click on the attached pdf file to view the Watershed Forest Management Plan & Map


Key to Management Plan to above pdf:

Shelterwood 1 - 6.2 acres

Shelterwood 2 - 5.6 acres

High Grade - 3.7 acres

Diametral Limit - 3.1 acres

Mixedwood Regeneration Cuts - 9.7 acres

Wildlife 1 - 10.9 acres

Wildlife 2 - 4.7 acres

Hazard Tree Demo - 1.9 acres

Crop Tree - 5.2 acres

Crown Thinning 1 - 4.1 acres

Crown Thinning 2 - 11.6 acres

Group Selection - 2.9 acres

Control 1 - 2.4 acres

Control 2 - 4.3 acres

Thin Harvest - 4.3 acres

Unmanaged - 8.2 acres

High Grade 2 - 13.2 acres

Lookout - 15.5 acres

Quarry - 1.8 acres

Kiosk/Landing - 1.1 acres

Leftover - 3.2 acres

Hemlock/Hardwood - 8.0 acres

4-H Camp & Facilities - 8.1 acres

Unmanaged - 5.1 acres

    Grand Total - 144.81 acres


TIME LINE:    Learn more Camp Shankitunk History

1922 - John A. Lennox was Hired

1927 - Camp Shankitunk opened.  Property owned by John D. Clarke

1952 - Tom Dent bought the property

1969 - Camp purchased from Tom Dent by Delaware County

1987 - John A. Lennox died at 91 years of age and left his estate to 4-H.

A condition of the will said that upon designation of approximately 144 acres of county-owned forest property as the John A. Lennox Memorial Forest, income from the estate would be used to establish and maintain the forest as an education project.

1998 - Lennox Model Forest was established.  This designated approximately 80 acres of the Lennox Memorial Forest as a Watershed Model Forest.  Currently there are 14 experimental blocks that demonstrate different forest management practices.

2006 - An agreement was reached between the Watershed Agricultural Council and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Delaware County regarding the management of the Lennox Model Forest.