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Camp Life

There is much to be done here at 4-H Camp Shankitunk. Below is the schedule of events that campers follow each day.

CAMP SCHEDULE (may vary due to weather and on Sundays and Fridays)

6:45 Roadrunners (optional): Running early in the morning is a great way to start the day!

7:00 Polar Bear Swim (optional): Swimming early in the morning is another great way to start the day!

7:25: Wake up

7:45 Flag Raising

8:00 Breakfast - Breakfast is followed by platoonal duties and the cleaning of cabins.  See menu . . .

9:15 First Class: Classes vary from camper to camper and are chosen before camp. See class choices . . .

10:10 Second class

11:00 Recreation/Swim Period A: Rec periods are basically free time. Campers can participate in field games, play board games or read in the science center, shoot hoops on the basketball court, get creative in the craft hall, play 4-Square in the rec hall, swim, or visit the camp store, etc. Note: Only three platoons may swim during each rec period. These groups are posted by the pool and announced over the PA.

12:00 Lunch, Slickest Spot awards announced, camper mail distributed

1:00 Rest: A little down time early in the afternoon to get ready for the rest of the day!

1:30 Third class

2:25 Fourth class

3:15 Recreation/Swim Period B

4:10 Snack

4:15 Rec C - A structured time where campers can choose their activity.

4:40 Counselor/Staff Swim Period (Free time for campers)

5:30 Supper

6:15 Activity Time (Free time for campers)

7:00 Flag Lowering, Vespers, and Evening Program:  Vespers is a quiet time at the end of the day to listen to a story / watch a skit with a rewarding moral.

8:45 Snack

9:00 Camp Fire:

10:00 Lights Out and Taps