Rent Camp Shankitunk

Camp Shankitunk’s rental season begins May 1st and ends September 30th, but is NOT available while in session. Dates . . .

Our rental season is a busy time, please contact the Camp Office for availability or to arrange a rental.


Rental Price Schedule (Last updated summer 2016)

Basic Facility Rental - $250 per day (includes recreation pavilion, restrooms, field, and basketball court.  Additional facilities may be added as described below.) 

Full facility rental - $1,000 per day (includes all facilities described below. Certain facilities may not be utilized without qualified instructors/guards.  Rental does NOT include instructors, but arrangements may be made upon request.)

Other fees may be applied dependent upon length of stay, facilities to be used, number of visitors, time of year, instructors requested, etc. 


Facilities:  Use of individual facilities requires base fee (as described above) plus additional charges as listed below:

  • Rice Hall - $250
  • Ford Hall Overnight - $250 per night
  • Ford Hall Meeting Room included in base fee upon request.
  • Cabins - $10 per person per night
  • Gladstone Science Building - $150 per day
  • Clarke Craft Hall - $100 per day
  • Director’s House - $200 per night
  • Pool (No Lifeguard Provided) *SEE NOTE # 1 below - $100 per day
  • Ropes Course: Four hour session (No Facilitator Provided) – maximum of 15 people - $50 per day (see note # 2 below)
  • Archery Range: Four hour session (No Instructor Provided) - Maximum of 24 people - $50 per day

Note # 1 Certified lifeguards are required.  We can arrange for lifeguards if needed at $30.00 an hour for pool director / lifeguard and one other lifeguard. Two lifeguards for the first 25 swimmer. Additional lifeguard ($20 per hour) required for each additional 25 swimmers. Rental group may provide their own lifeguards if they meet New York State Department of Health and 4-H Camp Shankitunk requirements.

Note # 2 Full camp rental includes the ropes facilities but not the facilitators. All ropes course facilitators at Camp Shankitunk must be on our list of approved facilitators.

Note # 3  The staff of Camp Shankitunk try to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Most of our camp maintenance and construction is done off season. We reserve the right however to do maintenance and construction as needed.


Please Contact Us with any questions

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